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Support Innovative Ideas

Turn your biggest supporters into your earliest investors.

Our mission is to allow anybody to be a startup investor, and to empower young founders to pursue their dreams.

Community members can learn, invest in teams and ideas they actually connect with alongside their peers, and continue contributing to the startup’s path forward by engaging in founders’ investor community channel.


Learn what it means to invest in startups. We'll show you how.
Tap through visual cards to understand essential topics in investing in under 5 minutes, or access more detailed guides.

Join the party.

Join an ambitious community of young founders and investors leading innovation to new heights.


Register and hit up IRL and online community events. Ask questions and chat with founders on their startup campaign page

Grow Your Network

Make authentic connections, and discover other amazing people and ideas from your own community.

Stay Updated

Join exclusive Discord channels with the founders post-campaign and receive updates on the startup's progress after the campaign closes.


Own a share of the future you envision. Invest as little as $20 in startups alongside your community.


Step 1

Connect bank account (powered by Plaid and Dwolla) Review startup pitch materials. Enter an amount and click invest!


Step 2

All funds are held in an escrow account until the campaign closes. If the campaign fails, your funds get returned! Receive your unique SAFE after the campaign closes.


Step 3

Share the campaign link with your friends to contribute to your investment's success.

Stay Involved.

Stay up-to-date on your investments.

Investor Discord

Join an exclusive Discord group with the founders and your fellow investors after their campaign closes. Get notified of company updates as they make progress towards their milestones.

Get Involved

Contribute to their progress by providing product feedback, spreading brand awareness, making introductions, and participating in company conversations.

Spread the News

Receive a return on your investment if the company experiences a liquidity event.

Liquidity events can include a startup going public (IPO), getting acquired (bought), or an investor selling their stake to other investors/VCs (through a secondary market).

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